Troy Patterson
About Me
Thu 9 Aug 2018
10:03 AM

Analog Writing

There is nothing quite like putting pen to paper. I’ve tried so many note taking apps and to do list apps, but I always end up back with a notebook. At work I write out each morning and afternoon what needs to get done that day or planning for tomorrow. I do the same at home and find this is 10 times better than any phone or iPad app for keeping me on top of my tasks.

I do still use a few digital reminders in my phone for things that are just out of the current to do space of my notebook. Things like changing the filters in the house, remembering when I should be ready for a haircut or even financial reminders that can’t be done quite yet. I also use the phone reminders for extremely short term things like a timed reminder for when the laundry will be ready to move to the dryer or when the tea will be steeped long enough.

Outside of that though I am striving to stick mainly to notebooks and paper to keep my ideas and journaling to. Apps and devices often have interesting ideas and flashy things to get your attention, but for me keeping a habbit in an app like Things or DayOne is short lived at best.

My current setup is a Moleskin softcover notebook with my Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen for at my desk. On the go I use the same notebook or my pocket Field Note book with a very nice 0.2mm Uniball Pin Drawing Pen. This is also what I use to draw and sketch with in my notebook.