Troy Patterson
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Tue 7 Aug 2018
1:33 PM

Apple Watch Concerns

As I’ve become more interested in analog or anything not-digital I’ve also had concerns about where my Apple Watch fits in my life. I have had a great experience with the watch for the past year, but now a year in certain things don’t seem to fit my needs or goals as much. I’ll detail those concerns below, but I’ve reached a point where I might not consider the watch an everyday necessity.


Recently I’ve noticed the watch fails to fill my rings the same as before. The stand and move ring are fine and seem to work well, but the exercise ring is notoriously poor. A walk of 60 minutes on a warm day around noon will result in about 9 minutes total for the morning. Essentially the watch has concluded a lunch walk is of no health benefit for me.

Today I decided to up that by taking a bike ride using a rental bike in the town I work in. I walked for 30 minutes to the bike and then followed up with a 20+ minute bike ride on a single speed bike. This was also while it was 90+ degrees out. To say I was winded and sweaty when done was an understatement. I did not log the walk, but did track the bike ride and averaged 7-8 mph. I am now looking at a total of 13 minutes on my exercise ring.

I can just track my workout as other and fill the exercise ring since every minute of that counts, but that kind of defeats the purpose. That said I’m also thinking how else could I track my health with another app or device and that makes me realize the watch just isn’t working for me anymore.


I’ve also experienced issues sleeping with the watch on at night. Either I forget to turn on theater mode and get a big blast of light in my face accidentally or sometimes I feel the weight of the watch on my wrist is enough to disturb my sleep. So now I’m tracking my sleep and wake times by hand and looking at background trackers or pedometer apps to track how active I am.


I’ve also realized that most of the third party complications refresh so poorly to be almost useless. Apps like weather, calendar and sports scores are often so delayed in refreshing you can’t rely on them for anything. I’ve fallen back to a basic Simple analog style face with Weather from the Apple app, workout, Activity and calendar complications for the small links. This still isn’t perfect, but it’s all up to date for the most part and what I want out of the watch.


The Apple Watch is a great tool and I still like the look of it, but little things about it are nagging me lately. I do not want third party faces as that is not the answer based on the functionality of many complications right now. All I want is something that gives me the information I want without cluttering the screen. i also want to understand what is needed from me to complete the green ring each day without defaulting to the Other” workout choice.