Troy D Patterson
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Sun 31 May 2020
11:31 AM

Boston Marathon 2020

It’s now official that the Boston Marathon will not happen this year. This was to be my first time running this dream race and it seems I’ll have to wait at least another year till 2021. Here are some thoughts on the cancellation I’ve had since they announced this week.

Better Sooner

I mean we all knew it was highly likely that the B.A.A. would cancel but my concern was that I would train all summer for the possibility it would happen and then cancel in August or even worse in September during my taper and excitement. So now I know that I can at least back off lightly on my training and run as I want and not push through any pain or possible injuries. This was likely the best decision at the right time to help everyone be better suited for this year.

That said it’s still tough to believe I’ve been in some level of training for the same race for almost a year now and will have to continue if it’s possible we run the race in 2021. I’m a charity runner for Dana Farber so I’ll have to weight the fund raising costs in an economy with so many people struggling to pay bills, but I’d like to give it another shot.


The B.A.A. has offered full refunds to all runners for the year. Not all races are this friendly and many are sticking to the contract for registration and offering no refund, partial refunds, deferrals or other options. Boston did not have to offer the refund, but they’ve done good here and it’s a good outcome for everyone. People will be back at the races they offer as soon as possible and they shouldn’t struggle financially because the refunded the full amount for 2020

I on the other hand will have to contact my company who has been helping with my fundraising and has also funded my registration fees and see if I have to return these funds to them when we get them. So at this point I’m not setting my sites on getting this money given to me, but we’ll see what happens.

Virtual Marathon

My first thought on this topic was likely that I wouldn’t do it. I’ve been dealing with a case of plantar fasciitis and that the cancellation would be a good chance to heal up. Then I thought about all the running I’ve done, the lack of a run in April and that I would like to test what I can do. I last ran a marathon in 2006 and bonked at mile 13 and finished in just under 5 hours. I know I have the fitness to run a 4 hour marathon and I really just want to try now.

I then had an idea. My neighborhood is a small loop around the street of 0.58 miles. I could run that loop continuously and have my family and neighbors come out to cheer me on, supply water and keep track of my laps. We’ve already contacted a few and made plans to hold a Boston Marathon here on the nicest day of the eligible week (Sept 7-14). Apparently the BAA will be supplying some need items like a finish line, finish line crossing tape and other items. Plus if you can finish in under 6 hours and report your time you’ll get a shirt, medal and other finisher items.

Virtual Run FAQ


This is not what any of us signed up for, but Ive tried to be optimistic about what has happened and clearly with the pandemic around us this is the best outcome for all of us. So the running goes on and besides I already bought the Boston Marathon 2020 jacket. So looks like I’ll be training all summer still, but looks like I don’t have to get to concerned when I decide to sleep in on my long run morning either.