Troy Patterson
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Mon 25 Mar 2019
10:03 AM

Habit Building

I’ve tried a lot of habit building techniques and I’ve built some good habits as well. I read almost everyday, I walk an average of 10K steps on all weekdays and I eat well for the most part. There are still things I’d like to change though including more time working on learning a language, learning to play the piano and drinking more water, but find these to be taking longer to take hold.

I’ve tried apps and habit trackers in my journal, but these don’t seem to take as well as the others. I think part of it is attention and the other is trying to many at once. I’ve decided to try the X method and limit how many I try to do at one time.

The X Method uses either an app or index card or other system to mark off when completed the habit you want to add and attempt to mark for 50 days without missing. The system is based off the science that habits take on average 64 days to become permanent although that is variable with some as low as 18 days and harder ones up to a year.

I’m looking to add one task that requires time tracking so for that I’ll use the app Streaks which can record the time as you do it (I also use this as a step tracker). This is the habit of practicing the piano. The other two habits are to drink 64 oz of water a day and avoid snacks at the office.

For the second two habits that happen mainly at work I will be using the index card method by creating a 7x7 block to mark 49 days in a row to track the habit. This habit is much more visual, but requires keeping the index cards handy and remembering to track them as I complete the task or the day.

My current tasks/habits will complete on May 12th at 49 days so I will try and report then how it went and if I feel it worked. I will be adding a few more to the list if they succeed or perhaps trying a different system if it does not. Also tasks like Piano practice will gain a longer time.