Troy Patterson
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Thu 20 Jun 2019
1:25 PM

iOS 13 Shows a Lack of Screen Time

I’m not sure why, but Apple was unable to follow up on the gains we got in iOS 12 with the screen time function. This was something that seemed like they were finally listening to users on this front and gave us a way to really track or usage and keep from excessive time on the phones. This also helped parents maintain their child’s device time and make sure they weren’t using them to much either.

I was a big fan of screen time, but the lack of full controls and bugs still when controlling someone else’s screen time made me hopeful that iOS 13 would have some new updates. That is not really the case. We got 30 day screen usage history, but I minimally looked at 7 days so this is probably overkill for me. We also got a bit more granularity on grouping apps for limits and communication limits is a nice addition for parents, but have to see how it works.

The last update was adding MacOS into the screen time total. This will be nice to make sure I stay on task on MacOS where I primarily work. That said I would have liked to see much more granularity that we got. I want to set hard limits that cannot be overridden by asking for 15 more minutes” I do this and immediately wonder why I even set the limit.

I think Apple of 5 years ago would have grown Screen Time more since their main income and business was selling iPhone, but now in 2019 Apple is turing to a services model and if we are not using our phone we are not buying their services. Now that Apple has shutdown many iOS apps that control or track phone usage Screen Time is our only choice, but it would be nice if Apple showed a commitment to it that some of us would like.