Troy Patterson
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Thu 2 May 2019
1:36 PM

Music in 2019

I know music and streaming is a saturated topic in this age, but I feel like it’s still so tough to find new stuff to listen to in this day. In the 90’s or even the 00’s you either had the radio or a sherpa” to lead you to what was in. I found all my favorite bands during this time and still listen to them to this day.

Currently though I know I try to fall back to algorithms to teach me what I’m missing out on and I so often feel like that the algorithms miss the mark or succeed so rarely that I often don’t think to use them. Spotify is considered the best for finding new music, but nine times out of ten I reach the end of a for you” playlist and it was all the songs I added already or songs that just don’t catch.

Then when I think of the bands I love like Frank Turner, Dave Matthews Band or even Judah and The Lion I think how I found the band on the radio first. Perhaps human touch with listening is still the better option. Other bands I’ve found have just as often come from friends or even opening acts for bands I love.

Maybe I’m getting old and snarky about it all, but when I find the right human playlist I listen for hours. This playlist by YouTube MKBHD is one of my favorite right now. It’s a mix of great beats that he’s used for his video openings and great for just listening.

Now the bad news is the radio is probably not the answer anymore. I can still find a few dance hits or sing alongs, but our local radio rock scene is pretty dead. The last true alternative station went classic rock just this past month making finding alternative a stretch for me. I mean sure most of my music is now classic rock” in a 2019 sense, but I still like finding new artists and now that seems tougher than ever. Well guess I’ll have to see who’s opening for Judah and the Lion in September.