Troy D Patterson
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Wed 29 Jul 2020
10:52 AM

Needing a Detox

I think it’s time for another digital detox and Marie Kondo style clean out. I’m in love with the updates in iOS 14 so far and really liking using stock apps on my phone. I feel like using then has caused me to realize how much I’ve been using my phone lately including getting sucked into social media (mainly twitter) and getting distracted. I’ve been trying to read the book Happy by Derren Brown lately and just getting side tracked so often.

With everything happening so quickly I’ll get sucked down the rabbit hole of following news like the outbreak of COVID-19 in the Marlins team, what is going on with school’s this fall and so much more. I need to delete these apps first. I don’t need to fully block them as using safari for social media is to much of a chore and I don’t really use them.

I also need to delete YouTube on my phone. I’d like a way to save videos for later, but having the easy way to watch on my phone leads to distraction. I feel like I need to go stock as much as possible and remove most of these apps. The main entertainment” apps that remain should be Spotify, Overcast and maybe something like Audible. (I have a book unfinished on there). I also need to go through and delete some podcasts I follow. I to often skip that book in Audible to try and get through my podcast list which seems never ending.

I know what I need to do, but just need to actually do the review and then do it. Perhaps when I’m done I’ll post a review here. I’m also debating changing back to Reminders to use the iOS 14 widget, but I really want to hold out and see what Things has in store for a widget. I prefer paper and pen for tasks, but use my Task Manager for recurring tasks so I could live with Reminders, but the sync is not always as good as Things, so holding out for now.