Troy Patterson
About Me
Tue 14 May 2019
3:29 PM


An idea from Derek Sivers to share what you’re doing now.


Currently reading The Hod King” by Josiah Bancroft” and How to Live: A life of Montaigne in one question and twenty attempts at an answer”. I’m about half way through The Hod King and find it good, but overall I’m really spent on a lot of fantasy tropes. I enjoyed Part 1 which has centered on the main character, but the second on Voleta has been less than thrilling so far. The second book I have just started and although I have never read any of Montaigne I saw this recommended by Ryan Holiday as a good book to introduce the ideas of his Essays.


I plan to get back to blogging this month as a secondary outlet along with my journal. I am now officially off all social media except for Linkedin, which I maintain only as a way to look for work in the future. This blog will be my outlet for sharing content.


My weight seems to have stabalized and I’m down 2-3 pounds so far. I’m using the Noom app to track my diet and been on track for four days so far. I think in regards to diet I’m getting there, but now I must work on exercise. I can’t just wait for the warm weather to get moving. I don’t like using my phone or simple apps for a 10-15 minute workout. I’d like to find a game on the switch that gets good reviews and gets me moving for that amount of time and gets my heart pumping. I also should find some more ice time or something similar like basketball.


As I said before I am no longer on social media. I’ve even deleted Instagram and have nothing on my phone. I’ve also downsized my phone to just the essentials and will just allow a few apps for things like posting here and getting around. Otherwise the phone should be put away. I’ll try putting the phone in my desk at work and maybe even using my laptop for music when I need it.

If you’d like to contact me you can do so here.