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An idea from Derek Sivers to share what you’re doing now.


Currently reading Siddhartha” after a recomendation from Manuel Moreale, but just starting so no comment on it yet. It’s been on my TBR for ages, but finally started. I did just finish the book 21 Truths about Love”. It was a novel written completely in the format of lists written by the main character. I loved the idea, and the execution, but the finish was not quite for me. That said I really commend the author for taking a chance and I think getting it 80% right in a very novel way.


I’m just being really lazy on the writing lately and a lack of ideas for how to develop my blog and my writing. I just removed the Analytics, cause a) fuck google and b) I feel more stress trying to write something so I can watch the views rather than writing what I want.


Training for a virtual marathon is not super exciting, but I’ve been good on my training lately. I have backed off this week after some leg soreness on my last run and will switch to some strength and home training until it feels good for a 3-5 mile run. Then get back on the horse. I am down about 5-7 pounds since last fall and got about 10 to be at my goal running/life weight.


I’m back on the Apple Watch system and loving it. I like finding a balance with the watch that get’s me to move more, but also to use my phone less. Getting notices for calendar, texts and the like on my watch let’s me know what I need to do but not necessarily that I also need to grab my phone for that.