Troy Patterson
About Me
Mon 25 Feb 2019
12:45 PM

Peak Distraction

I often wonder with the stark increase in content around cell phone usage are we reaching peak distraction. With people using their cell phones and digital devices more than 5 hours a day and studies suggesting college students are anywhere from 8 to 10 hours a day. Is it even possible to fit more time on them in our days?

With that said we also are by the day seeing posts not only in places like Medium, but now posts in the NY Times and other major papers covering ideas from digital detox and digital minimalism. You can also find plenty of paces on reddit to learn about how to limit your digital usage.

Is this a change or perhaps a blip before something else. I obviously hope for the prior option as people wake to the possibility that they are damaging their mental health, friendships and attention by all the time on their devices.