Troy D Patterson
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Wed 8 Jul 2020
8:38 AM

Quarantine Continues

I’ve really lost count of the days, but it seems like the never ending cycle here. I do have a job that I have to go in twice a week for a few hours, but to a lab with no one else there and then come straight home. Top that with 3-4 work meetings a week and it’s work, but it’s not really the same. I don’t have a job that can get me 9-5 type work if we aren’t in the office and it’s starting to drag.

The weekends just feel like another day and the kids are even ready for school at this point. That said it seems highly unlikely we see anything like school, 40 hour work weeks or anything of the type this fall or maybe even by spring.

I live in one of the areas that is doing really good right now in flattening the curve, but even if the summer stays good I can’t believe especially with lightening restrictions we won’t see another wave of COVID-19 in the fall. As I saw a tweet this week made the statement If Harvard can’t afford to protect students and come back for live classes then how can any of our schools do it?”

I guess I’m a bit down on where this is headed in terms of getting to some normal”, but we are clearly on the road to 150K deaths in the US by the end of the summer and yesterday was the highest total deaths nationwide in over a month.

I’m mostly an introvert, but my wife will tell you that’s not completely true. I love to be around people and have them over our place. I’ve always been used to my best friends and family being at a distance, but I always try to have activities that involve those that live near by.

I’ve now relied more on the people farther away and I can clearly see as this has gone on how it’s starting to drain everyone. I can only imagine what another 12 months or so of this might be like for us all.

After depressing everyone here are my suggestions to stay sane in quarantine:

1. Get out and exercise” outside -

Run, bike or simply walk at least once a day. Get as much sun as you can and don’t sit to much

2. Eat as normal for you as you can -

Avoid to much snacking unless you can get yourself to eat healthy like fruit or nuts.

3. Do something where you can just chat with someone -

Video games, board games, movie watching apps and zooms are great, but make sure it’s not just about the activity. To often I’ve noticed while playing a competitive activity we only talk about what’s happening in the game. Make sure you talk about the weather, family, work, health, etc. This is the one I think I’m working on most and not taking things so seriously.