Troy Patterson
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An idea from Derek Sivers to share what you’re doing now.

Currently reading The Children of Time” which is a very interesting take on travel to other planets and seeding life on them. The central premise is humans seed life on a far planet and use virus control to speed up monkey evolution to humans, but the monkey’s don’t survive and the virus instead infects insects including spiders. Overall the idea was good, but the slow pace at 60% has really dragged. Hopefully the ending will be better.


I’ve been better on blogging, but not great either. I am posting maybe once a week or so. I’d like to have 2-3 posts of medium length and then add a longer Medium post here and there. I could even post a bit more on Productivity Guild


I’ve been stuck here in terms of weight for a bit now. I keep floating at the same weight. I’m trying a google sheet to track my diet, but having trouble finishing the day out and also at home I snack way to much. Not sure what the next step is for me.


I’m back on Twitter, but in very limited usage and mainly following tech and nerd people as well as a very small subset of political people. While I am using my phone for several things I have it setup to be intentional for those uses. I hope to keep that up and thinking more before using my phone.