Troy D Patterson
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Thu 14 Feb 2019
10:06 AM

Slowing Down - Sports

I’ve lost my drive to engage with sports the same way I did as a child. I used to keep a score log when watching the Philadelphia Flyers in highschool back in the 90’s. I would watch almost every Flyers, Phillies or Eagles games. I’d turn on anything from Lacrosse to minor league sports when the major sports were off for the night.

Today my interests in sports have changed as watching Everton football is the must see match every week and hockey and baseball have taken a back seat. Part of that is the Flyers would require a big up front investment to watch now that I live in New England. As for baseball I probably took myself so out of the game by spending so much time writing about the sport. (I wrote for several websites about fantasy baseball as well as the Red Sox from 2002-2008 or so)

I think with trying to slow down lately I’ve been trying to enjoy sports I haven’t as much lately. This hockey season I’ve watched a few Bruins games and even a few Boston University games. Then I heard a podcast interviewing Cal Newton (I believe it was Hurry Slowly) and he mentioned he has taken up listening to Nationals game on the radio. As soon as he said it I knew that was my plan for this baseball season.

The radio is the ultimate slowing down technology and baseball is the ultimate slowed down sport. As someone who had no issue in my youth listening to a nine inning game on the radio when I had to I am actualy looking forward to the start of spring training and the 2019 baseball season.