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Wed 25 Jul 2018
2:22 PM

Supporting Independent Creators

Everyday it seems harder and harder to support smaller creators, but it truly is worth the effort. Just this month I’ve got back into a small indie music publisher Asian Man Records and fallen back in love with bands I’ve forgotten and also with newer ones I haven’t met before. I also made sure even though I can listen to every song on Spotify to buy a couple LPs to support them.

Less than a week later I get an email offering a lottery to win tickets to see Mike Park (The owner of Asian Man Records) in his new group Ogikubo Station opening for Alkaline Trio and Together Pangea. Well I ended up winning a spot for me and a guest with Mike even giving me his contact in case I have any issues. Try to do that with any major label and forget it.

I’m hoping to try and bring this more to my reading as well. I don’t want my creators to stay poor, but there has to a better balance than what is the only way to succeed right now which is get a huge publisher and DRM lock all your books with Amazon and sell enough copies to reach the NYT bestseller list? I guess that’s what I’ll be looking to find.

Listening: Warm Thoughts - I Went Swimming Alone

Reading: Record of a Spaceborn Few