Troy D Patterson
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Tue 21 Aug 2018
11:09 AM

Tech Addiction

It’s amazing how connected to our devices we have become. I’ve spent months becoming more thoughtful about when I use my phone and even deleting apps I don’t need to have at all times. Things like banks, social media and entertainment I don’t need every waking hour of the day. I do keep these things on my iPad, but that requires more thought to access and use so limits when I might just open Twitter in company.

That said this weekend I went to a concert in Boston with a coworker. We were having a good time and enjoying the show until one band suggested following them on Instagram and they would call out new followers on stage. This band is one of my favorites right now so I thought it would be cool and downloaded Instagram and did it. By the end of the show I was posting on Instagram and sharing snaps on snapchat with mainly my family.

Did I really need to do that? What did sharing those photos really add to the night? I was hopeful for a few likes I guess and maybe someone saying hey that band was cool (Trust me I’m pretty sure no one was going to say I Love Ogikubo Station”). Why in a social situation where not only am I not alone I’m actually attending the event with someone do we feel the need to make sure everyone knows about it?

This all makes me think of this post I read from Om Malik on reality TV 2.0. Saying we’ve moved from Reality TV on our TV to everyone living out their own Reality TV. As we move from snaps and Instagram to Stories we see more and more of everything. We’ve moved from moderately scripted and packaged content on TV to raw unedited in most cases content from everyday people and characters”.

The social media — YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — give this sense of having a personal relationship with the characters. We as humans start to believe that these reality” relationships are real relationships.

This all brings me back to Saturday night in Boston. I never said any of this to myself, but in my head I wanted the likes and views no matter how many to show people I was having a good time instead of just having that good time. Looks like I need to do some more phone cleanup and plan better for my next concert in October.