Troy Patterson
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Fri 17 Aug 2018
9:02 AM

That all Important Skill

Found a piece today written on Medium by Zat Rana. In Discussing the French Mathematician Blaise Pascal he brought up a quote that rings so true it’s tough to believe he was discussing the 1600’s and what would he think of us today?

All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

This is just a thought but perhaps even the idea of Meditation and mindfulness as most of us think about it is trying to cram down our time of boredom” and isolation” into the shortest amount of time we can to get the benefit that would come just from spending time alone and bored. Instead of sitting quietly for multiple hours a day with nothing to do we try to get the same benefit from 15 minutes with cleared minds.

I’m not saying meditation is bad, but more the modern app strategy of mindfulness to cram into our daily rush to be connected might actually just be a further sign of our inability to sit quietly in a room all alone.