Troy Patterson
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Tue 14 May 2019
3:15 PM

Update on Simplification

Not all things work as intended and I realized that shortly into my simplification” attempt by finding apps for my phone that did multiple things. As of today I’ve walked a few of those choices back and I’ll try to describe why I’ve done that and what I’ll need to make choices in the future.

First up was my attempt to move my podcasting to Spotify so my music and podcasts were in the same app. This was the hardest and while I listened to less podcasts and did a bit more music I absolutely hated the podcast interface in Spotify. It shouldn’t take so many taps to get to my shows, shouldn’t be hard to find out if I already listened to a show and if I’m in the middle of a show keep ip on the home screen till I’m done.

Those were the big complaints, but the little one that made my choice final was the lack of silence trimming and per show speed settings. I listen to shows at a slight speed increase of 1.1 and love Overcast for it’s silence cutting. Honestly until this week I had never listened to Back 2 Work under normal settings and the pauses were completely distracting and why I finally switched back. I did cut back on the number of shows I follow but Overcast is back in my app folder.

The next up was a calendar and at the same time email. I tried simplifying by using Outlook for both and found the interface was not very helpful and often got things misplaced or questioned what email address I was in. I made the switch back to Apple Mail as this has the easiest activation and no concern of third party issues. That said I want some better calendar layouts so I’m currently trying google calendar. I haven’t tried event entry so not sure how easy that is, but otherwise I like it.

Lastly is my to do manager. I’ve tried everything and anything to solve this. I’ve done stock, Things, Due, 2Do, Todoist, etc, but nothing checks all the blocks. The last time I stuck with anything was when I used Wunderlist. Sure it’s dated now but I wish that app wasn’t destined for the trash bin. So shocked as I was to find Microsoft had shipped an update to the Mac version a week ago. Hey I might as well jump back on until it’s really dead. So for now I’m back on the Wunderlist train and guess I can import to Things if I have to in the end.

So while I found simplifying apps to largely be a loss I’m glad I tried to see what does and doesn’t work. I am still keeping my home screen simplified and accessing everything by search and will perhaps post something on that in the near future.