Troy D Patterson
About Me
Fri 22 Feb 2019
11:15 AM

Using Simple Text

Today I decided to try using simple text for my blog writing. I haven’t used a simple text editor in a long time, but wondered if all the funky effects and edits from things like markdown and html is worth it for the style of writing I do and the blog use case I have.

Much like My journal I just want to record my thoughts and in some cases end up posting them here. I also am using the text to cut down on sync needs and I primarily only write on my laptop as I find writing on my phone and iPad to be more troublesome and distracting so the text editor on MacOS while not eliminating all distractions does seem to benefit my ability to put down my thoughts.

Perhaps txt file is about as close to pen and paper as a computer can get. Eliminating all the distractions except a few formatting abilities and putting everything in black and white with no crazy headers or popup helpers to get in the way.